Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brad Romano

WM: So Brad do you have a nick name?

BR: Freemo calls me Ray but my girl friend likes to call me Stone Cold

WM: Your girlfriend? How’s she going by the way?

BR: She is back in Mexico at the moment which makes things a bit tough relationship wise. However it’s given me a lot more time to concentrate on my footy.

WM: Lets talk footy. You really had a break out year this past season.

BR: Yeah I played ok. I was pretty happy with a few of my games.

WM: You touched up Stuart Grills a few times I hear?

BR: Yeah Grillsy and I have had a few good battles but I’d just like if for once the umpires would pick up on his holding techniques.

WM: We better not go there Brad. So, can you tell us about your experience down in Colorado at the National Championships this year.

BR: It was just great to be a part of something like that. However I felt in the final I could have been used a bit more.

WM: In what way?

BR: Well I had fresh legs and was ready when a few other boys looked a bit tired.

WM: Fresh Legs?

BR: Absolutely! I said “coach, I’m ready I have fresh legs”.

WM: Oh well mate, at least you got to be apart of things. How was the accommodation?

BR: Yeah, it was ok. However someone else can room with the Wiz next time.

WM: I don’t even want to know! Your Senators are not doing too good this season.

BR: It’s shattering.

WM: Anyway thanks for talking to me Brad and good luck with the season ahead.

BR: Looking forward to it.


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