Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This week we see the introduction of the WING MAN. A reporter who vows to give the supporters answers to the questions they would love to ask. He sticks his beak into players faces and finds the truth behind the lies or simply whats up with the latest gossip. First up to get in the way of WING MANS beak is no other than the Clubs Canadian veteran, Randy Dickin.

W M. G’day Randy, how they hangin’ mate? Alright

R. D. How’s what hanging?

W M. Relax mate, it’s just a figure of speech. Firstly welcome and thanks for being the first Eagle player to have a bit of a chin wag with the Wing man.

R. D. No problem eh!

W M. eh! What

R. D. What!

W M. eh! What’s with the EH! Is that a Canadian thing?

R. D. you lost me, eh!

W M. Are you like this on the footy field, lost I mean?

R. D. Why don’t you go and get lost, I have you know that my name sits proudly on a trophy, marked best Canadian. You don’t win that from being lost on the field.

W M. Sure, I give ya credit for that. That is a great achievement. Rumor around the club though is that you have become the Canadian Veteran. Is 2007 going to be your send off year?

R. D. Look here Wing man, I may be no spring chicken, but even at my age I think I got a lot of spring still in me. A couple of years, at least.

W M. That’s good, spring! Chicken, a little bit of Canadian wit. I like it, let’s move on shall we. I’m sure coach Freeman would like to hear that you’ll be an Eagle for few more seasons. Speaking of Coach Freeman, he told me that you had mentioned that you will be the best Canadian on the field for season 2007.

R. D. Alright, look! Chris Raudoy had a great season last year and deserved to win ‘best Canadian’ but his 15 minutes of fame are over. It’s going to be mine.

W M. Huge statement Randy considering all the Canadians on list this year. I’m sure the guy you ride with would have something to say about that.

R. D. Matt Nueafeld is a great player but he will have to take back seat to me this year. The thing with Matt is he has just come from the Cougars football club and they put their game into quarters yet I put 4 quarters into my game. Once Matt learns the way things work around here at the Eagles and gets rid of any bad habits he picked up at Cougar land, it is only then that I will start to be a little nervous.

W M. For a second there, I thought you would make a good politician. Anyway, with all that confidence are you willing to tell the Wing man how many goals your going to kick this year.

R. D. Well, last year I kicked 18, so I don’t imagine kicking any less. Maybe, 25. It depends on how well the ball is delivered to me.

W M. Speaking of kicking goals. It’s no secret that you are a single man these day’s. The football world is curios to know how well you faired during those cold, chilling winter months during the footy off season.

R. D. Yes, it was a rather cold winter. I had to wear my tuque a lot eh!

W M. Hmm! Is that you answer? Randy, was their any cuddling involved?

R. D. What’s wrong with a little cuddle?

W M. So, if there was a trophy for cuddling, your name would be on that too ?

R. D. This interview is over, I do have more important things to do, than stand here and be ridiculed by you.

W M. Come on mate, settle down! I’m just asking the questions the supporters want to know. Quite frankly, I think that interview went rather well EH!



At April 27, 2007 at 2:57 PM , Blogger Randy said...

Nice work! Much better than the "Whisper"! What the hell is a whisper anyway? I can understand why it was been retired :)


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